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Post by Wisp on Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:31 am

Name: Harold Russell - Gimpy

Rank: Nurse

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Hair Color: Medium length brown hair pulled back into a pony tail.

Physical Description: Generally good shape, save for his leg. One leg, while usable, is heavily scarred and slightly twisted. It causes him to limp and occasionally gives him pain.

Personality: Gimpy is generally rather quiet though he enjoys chatting with patients and often tries to make them feel better. It is rare that you can get him talking about his past, even to correct the rumors that whisper through the cavern’s halls perpetuated by new recruits.

Skills: Gimpy’s memory is quite sharp. He will remember names and people for years, even down to what they were in the infirmary for and what their medication was.
Abilities/Powers: Empathy. Even though he does not currently have a dragon, he was bonded to one for a few moments, in her death she gave him one gift. A heightened sense of other people’s emotions. While it is sometimes hard for him to focus this skill on one person, and he can get overwhelmed, he can often understand more clearly what a person is truly feeling.
Faults and Weaknesses: While he is very patient with others and their weaknesses, he is very judgmental of his own shortcomings. Oversights or mistakes on his part can make him mope around for days and no one blames him more than himself for Pat’s death. In addition his limp limits his ability to move quickly and will occasionally impede his ability to help patients. While he enjoyed swimming as a child, he has been scared of going in since the accident for fear of drowning if his leg should seize up.

Items: Gimpy has a necklace with a dragon claw on it and a leather duffel bag with most of his belongings. He often carries a small med kit with him, even when not on duty.

Pets: Gimpy takes care of a grey shorthaired three legged cat named Whiskers who frequents the infirmary.

Dragon: Pat was not what one would call a beautiful dragon. Still she had class, and could be surprisingly graceful when she chose to be. Generally she didn’t tune into that part of herself though. Sadly she died in a failed bonding and while her and Harold shared thoughts for a moment, she crashed into the ocean below, breaking her back and Harold’s leg. Her weight pulling her under, she quickly drowned but imparted one gift to him so that her legacy might live on.

Other Information: Gimpy enjoys a good game of chess.

History: *Optional*

Sample Post: “Gimpy! Get over here! Got a break here, looks bad.” Gimpy looked up quickly from the ancient book of herbal remedies he was studying. Grabbing his cane, he pushed himself up out of the wooden chair and hobbled over to the examining table. Anna, the doctor gave an exasperated sigh before continuing to gingerly look over the arm presented to her by one of the first years.

“Now Rachel you should know better. You’ve been on that thing a million times, don’t you ever learn to hang on?” Rachel frowned at the doctor, rolling her eyes. “Does HE have to be here?” she asked changing the subject and glaring at Gimpy. He stopped for a moment, glancing at the doc for confirmation. He didn’t wish to intrude. “Yes. Gimpy go get the paste ready. We’re gonna have to cast it.”

“Oh you can’t be serious! My dragon bonding ceremony is in a week! How long will the cast be on?”

“Longer than a week sweetie, maybe you should have thought about that. If you’re lucky, Commander Hathgar will let you bond next year.”

“Next YEAR? Oh come’on doc. Don’t push me back that far.”

“Your problem. Not mine. Is it ready Gimpy?”

Gimpy shook his head and kept mixing the paste. “No ma’am, just be a minute.” He sighed quietly and shifted his stance, trying to take more weight of his bad leg.

“Well hurry up then.” Doc said before shifting her attention back to Rachel.

Gimpy heard quiet mutters between them but decided to ignore them for the most part. Finishing the mix, he hobbled back over, setting it down next to Rachel and making a scooping motion with his hand into the bowl.

“Oh no. He’s not going to touch me.” Rachel protested. “The gimp is NOT touching me. He’s bad luck enough without the limp.”

Doc frowned. “Do you want to walk around with a broken arm and let it end up like his leg? You sit still and shut up recruit.”


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