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Post by Shepherdess on Wed Apr 15, 2015 2:16 am

Name: Sora Windwalker

Rank: Scout (in Tribe)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Race: Elven

Hair Color: Raven

Eye color: Brown

Physical Description:

Her body style she’s a lean form, but athletic looking, stronger than she looks. Her right shoulder has a tattoo from her home tribe. She has Raven black hair, and sun kissed skin that is dark. Dimples reside on her cheeks, and her elven ears show if she wears her hair down. She’s 5’3” in height weighing 110lbs. Wears red war paint sometimes, when she’s outside the tribe, a long thick line going across the bridge of her nose to the sides of her face. Feathers are worn in her hair, they are feathers that she finds, or are given to her from the chief of her tribe. Sora has a medium sized tribal tattoo of a wolf, on her right arm.

Sora’s clothes consist of deer skin leggings, fur vest, and a thin shirt. She also wears a belt, and strapped to the belt carries a dagger made with antler bone, with her tribe symbol on it the phoenix. The elven woman usually is seen carrying a spear in her scouting missions, it keeps her busy enough. Her body has a few small scars, but nothing too noticeable. Her sun tanned skin is natural among her people.


Sora’s personality is usually quite happy, if she were let go from her tribe she would be devastated. She works to the best of her ability while under pressure though prefers not to do such work. She’s wary around strangers taught by the chief of her tribe to be that way. Sora is trusting and loving to those of her tribe, to earn her trust you have to be respectful among a series of gestures that allow her to trust you. The elf can get quite irritated if someone were to ask about other people in the tribe, taking interest in things they shouldn’t. The elven girl, has a natural endless curiosity that just wants to find things out, when she’s heard it more than once, Sora becomes bored. Her habits of wandering off and getting curious, some people in the tribe find her a danger of risking other’s lives.

The elven girl has always been the wandering type, staying out late, exploring until she gets into trouble. She likes to swim, and ride. Her chief is dear to her and any insults taken are taken personally. Death is not something she tolerates easily, having lost her grandmother, it was hard on Sora. The elven woman also likes flowers, anything with silver in it, and tea’s. She is protective of her things, and her beliefs. Tends to be too curious for her own good, often getting her into trouble. She likes the smell of the salty air but doesn’t care for the ocean itself, prefers land.

Skills: Stealth, swimming, trekking, tracking, cooking, riding, drawing, scouting.

Abilities/Powers: Shifting, Elemetalism (Water, or Air), Shielding.

Faults and Weaknesses: Has seasickness, won’t go in boats, and even if she’s curious (oftentimes one of the tribe members has to force her in.) can’t read or write, or understand the otherworld’s language.

Items: Feathers in her hair, arrowheads, spear, knapsack, personal clothing, blanket, turquoise necklace and bracelet, flint and steel, rope, little coin, dagger.

Pets: Just a normal animal. Not required, but an option if you wish.

Dragon: Please note the color of your dragon and the name. Once you are ready to get your dragon read the rules in the dragon and go from there), Color: Blue/Name: Sorril

Other Information:
Her tattoo, it has a personal meaning that she’s always welcome home to her tribe, it was a gift from the chief to every child born within the tribe. If taken away or changed, it mean’s she’s been banished, or forgotten on purpose, a crime has been committed, or she’s chosen to leave. She is allowed to move around the world freely. However she is not allowed to marry someone outside the tribe, or what the chief has decided for her, which is why she travels away from her home. Sora believes in the freedom of choice in marriage. Her tribal tattoo is that of a wolf. Given on her 5th birthday, in a ceremony.  It is said that if a member of the tribe, leaves or is punished they are turned into the animal of their chosen tattoo. Though it’s just wise tales to scare the children? Their tribe isn’t as hostile as some of the others, one of the more peaceful tribes. However, aggression is taken seriously, killing a tribe member is punishable by death, an eye for an eye.

Mother: Taenya Windwalker(caretaker of husband, youngest daughter)
(Raven hair, 60 years old, elven, green eyes)
Father: Erendriel Windwalker (hunter)
(Raven hair, 70 years old, elven, brown eyes)
Sister: Sarya Windwalker(married-has a family of her own)
(Raven hair, 30 years old, elven, brown eyes)

Living among a tribe of the pheonix, they tend to travel often. She likes to stay put due to her curiosity, to learn new things. Unfortunately she does have a guard with her now and again if she’s gotten into trouble. Sora is usually seen wandering the beach with a guard, she likes the smell of the ocean but tends to avoid it. Sora certainly didn’t like getting the tattoo, but it was customary so she tolerated it. Which to say the chief finds Sora, ‘a restless flower’ and feels that if she were to marry perhaps she would settle down. The idea only scared her, not wishing to marry someone from the tribe, or even a neighboring tribe. Frustrated the chief has not yet given up on the girl, and hopes that she’ll find the lifestyle that will suit her own needs.

Sora herself is not the chief’s daughter, but the chief dose have safety concerns regarding the tribe itself, with Sora’s curiosity constantly getting herself into trouble. The chief worries that curiosity will be Sora’s downfall one day. Having a happy childhood growing up, her older years made her grow restless, wanting different things as a child. Going on an adventure, and seeing the world, spending times daydreaming about other places. As Sora grew out of the daydreaming she developed a position in the tribe, a scout. Sending her on missions, and watches.

Tribe of the Soaring Pheonix
The tribe often resides in a nearby forest for shelter and food supplies. Each member of the tribe has a tribal tattoo, either an animal or just a meaningful design that the chief puts on them. The chief chooses the tattoo at birth but gives them the tattoo at a young age. They live on the island that is known as Krakow. In the southeastern portions of the island, where the forest is the thickest and trail off of the southeastern beaches of the island. There are rumors of a magical fire bird which is the symbol of their tribe, which even Sora doesn’t fully understand yet. Tensions between The Pheonix People and The Prairie People, are very thin. The chief of The Pheonix People is trying to make peace.

Sample Post:

Sora rested on the sand, the ocean air brushing against her, whipping her raven hair about. Her spear rested beside her body. Her shoes off, sand between her toes, a guard stood nearby. Paint on her face she opened an eye to her body guard, "Lyran, you know you’re not supposed to look at me like that, Chief said so,” Sora said, the man’s arms were crossed standing close to her. He gave her a dirty look, his own long brown hair whipping about. “Chief isn’t here, besides he said you should watch yourself, you’re being reckless as it is,” Lyran said seriously. Sora went back to enjoying the breeze lifting her head in a way that showed confidence.

“Besides, curfew is sundown for everyone, even you.” Lyran said reminding her for the hundredth time. Rolling her eyes at him, “Just enjoy the break Lyran, the breeze feels nice instead of being in that humid forest,” Sora mumbled, and went back to enjoy herself. It was the middle of the day and at its hottest. The scouting party had found nothing which was typical, it was just another excuse to get rid of Sora’s curiosity.

Resting on the beach she propped herself up, opening her eyes and looking about, all was calm for now. Tensions between the tribes remained, but for now they could rest, after awhile Lyran said “Come on Sora, it’s getting late. We should have been back by now.” Lyran said, Sora sighed and commented “Fine, fine, let’s go before you worry your little head off.” They walked down the beach at a quick pace after Sora put her shoes on. She brushed the sand off to the best of her ability, feathers in her hair it was a wonder why Lyran was even there ‘guarding’ her.

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