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Location and NPC list Empty Location and NPC list

Post by Wisp on Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:18 am

Important names:(Places or NPC's that have been mentioned)

This is a list of all the mentioned locations and NPC's so far. I will try and keep this updated so that people can use these in their posts and build a richer, more connected environment.


Gredon (Province in which the capital of Rynar resides)

Rothbane (Capital of Rynar)
Ba-Chen (Seaside Village)

Rachel (Ranking officer of Dragon Fleet)
Rachel (Accident prone, prejudiced Second Year)
Emily (Predjudiced recruit)
Lieutenant Bateman (Lieutenant in the fleet, older sister to Vivian)
Vivian Bateman (Recruit, freckled red-head with a crush on Thursday)
Raska (Black haired second year)
Commandar Roach (Retired commander before Sabine)
King James (King of Krotan)
Bernie (Merchant in Rothbane)
Demora (Bernie's late wife)
Abigail (Bernie's daughter)
Anna (Doctor at Dothgar dragon base)
Ned (Bar keeper's husband at nearby seashore village Ba-chen)
Gideon (Hunter in the Enchanted Forest)

Listed Recruits: Williams, Resper, Haden, Goodman, Treylor, Coachman, Esper, Rako, Lewis, Wollenben, Rohn, Drummand, Lakes, Krotchen

Previous Recruits: (May or may not still be there) Anna Devon
Previous Deceased Recruits: Carly, Jeninie, Danielle, Harina
Previous Second Years: (May or may not still be there) Ashton
Previous Officers (May or may not still be there): Devon (Elder sister to Anna)


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