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Name: Thursday

Rank: New Recruit

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Wereliger

Hair Colour: His hair is a mottled combination of black, grey, and white. He normally keeps it longer and it hangs around his head like a thick, curly mane but when he shaves it you can start to see what look like tiger stripes

Physical Descriptions
Human Description: Thursday had the kind of build that could only come from hard labor and good living. He'd grown up small for his age but had hit a massive growth spurt at around fifteen and now stood at six foot four and two-hundred-seventy pounds and not a single bit of that was unnecessary fat. He frequently dresses to disguise his build though, having found out that it sometimes garnered unwanted attention. He had generic good looks but his eyes were those of a cat, golden at the center and fading to green around the edges.

Wereliger Description: In his wereliger form he was an impressive beast. Ten feet long from tip of nose to end of tail and eight-hundred pounds of muscle. He stands an impressive four feet tall at the whither and has a thick mane of black, grey, and white, he also has a tuft at the end of his tail to match his mane. Those two things were the only thing about him that looked remotely lion like, the rest of his features were very tiger. Black stripes and a white belly were complimented by a rare, slate grey coloring he inherited from his mother.

Personality: Quiet and reserved, Thursday prefers to stay out of the limelight, joining the corps out a sense of duty rather than the desire to be a hero. That being said he had all the makings to be one should be called upon to be that hero. A defined sense of right and wrong and the kind of loyalty that, anyone lucky enough to call him friend or ally, would mean he would fight for those he cared for. Despite being quite reserved, he does enjoy writing stories and keeps a thick journal his father gave him that he has all but filled with them.

Skills: Thursday is an excellent hunter, especially in his liger form but also with most hunting weapons. He is also very adept at taking and following orders. It might not seem like a skill but for him, even the most vague request he can assess and figure out what needs to be done and how to best go about performing the request. He doesn't always do this perfectly but he has a good record so far . Lastly he is a skilled writer, not that anyone would ever read his stories.

Abilities/Powers: The powers that he would choose from are as follows
Ability to talk to/control animals (perhaps not control but be able to talk them into doing stuff for him)
Blending (the ability to not necessarily go invisible, but blend into his surroundings like a chameleon)
True Aim (the ability to always hit his mark with whatever weapon he's wielding, it can obviously be blocked or countered but without action from the target it will hit where he wants it to everytime)
Admin's Choice. (anything the admin thinks would be super awesome for Thursday to have because quite frankly I can't think of anything else...)

Faults and Weaknesses: Though Thursday is a fine specimen of manhood, he does have a weakness. At about age 16, when he really started to put on the muscle and show just how strong he was, he frequently got into fights, not because he wanted to but because other men decided they wanted to test their manhood by being the one to take him down. While in his liger form a hunter decided to do just that and shot him with an arrow in the left shoulder. He defended himself without killing the man and managed to get away and heal, though he still doesn't have full range of motion in that arm.

As a child he was exiled from his family and as such has a difficult time making connections with people, those he does make strong connections with he puts a lot of trust in and if that trust is betrayed he will never forget and never forgive.

Thursday is not what you would call a good cook, or even a cook at all. The times where he has tried to make his own food have failed so miserably that even if he's hunting as a human he'll change into his liger form to eat so he doesn't have to worry about it. All his fruits and vegetables are consumed raw and if he ever had a house with a fireplace you'd never find a pot or other cooking device in the dwelling.

Items: He carries with him his book and several quills and bottles of ink for writing, a bow and quiver of arrows for hunting and a field knife to prep his kills for eating (he may be a poor cook but he's decent when it comes to butchering). Also a pack that carries anywhere from three to five days worth of food.

Pets: A Cheetah named Jewels(after his mother) whom he saved as a cub when she was abandoned by her mother for being the only one in the litter.

Dragon: Slate grey with black and white accents would be perfect. The name will be Viktor(ia)

Other Information: He knows the basic methods to tan hides, he's not particularly spectacular at it but he's good enough that he can make a few extra coin selling them or trading them for the few things he needed, butcher paper, quills, ink, and vegetables.

History: As a cub Thursday lived a life of exile from his family's tribes. His mother was a weretiger and his father a werelion. The two tribes didn't hate each other but a romance between the two was unacceptable. His parents ran away together and had a litter of seven cubs that included him. When the parents tried to return to the tribes, hoping that their love and their litter would show them that it wasn't wrong or bad and that the cubs wouldn't be born with abnormalities as had always been told, they were met with a less than stellar reception. The elders of both tribes met and discussed what would be done.  Both agreed to that they wanted to make an example of his family and killed his siblings. He was the only one they left alive and only because his existence served as a constant reminder of what would happen if you didn't follow tribal law.

He split his time after that between his parents' tribes, one week at tiger, one week at lion, and was treated as if he didn't exist at either. Only his parents were allowed contact with him and only until each had found a suitable mate from their native tribe at which point he would be exiled, another reminder that such things could not be accepted. Other children who asked about him were encouraged to throw stones at him and tease him whenever possible. The fateful day finally came when his mother and father were forced to mate with someone besides each other, the sick bastards that made up the elders decided to make a party of it and have a co-mating ceremony where the two would watch each other commit to someone else and their only surviving son chased away viciously upon completion of the ceremony. He was eight years old when this happened. He has been largely on his own ever since.

Sample Post:
When he first saved the little cheetah cub he hadn't been thinking of anything except what it felt like when he was a boy and forcibly abandoned by his parents. He never held that against them, his parents, understanding even at that age that they didn't want to let him go, that they loved him and each other and that their mating day was the probably one of the saddest days of their lives. Understanding that didn't make it hurt any less though. At eight years old he'd been forced to provide for himself. It was that emotion, that feeling of being totally and completely alone in the world that prompted him to save the little cub. If he'd known then what he knew now he probably would have tried to save a fleet of abandoned cubs. Little Jewels, not so little anymore compared to when he found her but still far smaller than he in either form, was probably the best hunting partner a liger could ask for. Either she would catch the prey herself, her speed aiding her in the chase, or she would flush prey toward Thursday and he would dispatch of the creature.

On this day they'd done the latter, Thursday had been in human form with his bow and Jewels had flanked the herd of deer. Now Jewels lay sunning herself in the late afternoon sun as Thursday field stripped the deer. He gently put aside the entrails and organs, those would be the first things he ate when he changed, and removed the hide to scrape and tan later. Once the larger pieces were broken down and wrapped in brown butcher paper, he stripped down to nothing and changed. It was weird when he changed, his senses of smell and hearing got a lot sharper while his vision turned to shades of green, blue, red, and yellow. His body sort of melted into the new form, not the cracking painful change of a cursed beast, but something natural that came with being born into were-dom. A sound not unlike a purr came somewhere from deep inside him as he called the cheetah to dinner.

The two sat in comfortable silence as they ate, the juicy entrails a sweet treat after a long day of tracking down dinner. Thursday's eight-hundred pound frame would require more than just the entrails to sustain him but it would due for now until they could get back to camp. They feasted for a time and napped afterward the way only a large beast with few predators could do. At some point in his nap, Thursday changed back, something that was common when he was in deep rest, and he awoke naked and shivering slightly, the forest having grown dark around him. He quickly donned his clothes again and began packing the meat into his rucksack, rolling the hide and tying it to the bottom of the frame where his bed roll normally went, Thursday then gently woke Jewels and they headed off.

Their camp was only a few miles away and they quickly found their way back. Their nap had left him rejuvenated and Thursday built a fire and went to work scraping the hide. He began to regret having napped after dinner, the hide had almost gone too long before being scraped and he had to take care while removing the fat and flesh that the hide didn't fall apart in his hands. He put his scrapings in a bowl for Jewels and laid it out for her. Unlike him, her energy ran out much quicker than his and the long day of hunting had taken it's toll on her. When she woke again she'd enjoy the tasty treat. The head of the deer lay beside him having been removed just before the scraping process began. When he was done he stretched the hide over a frame and left it to dry.

Thursday stared longingly at the fire, remembering the smell of roasted meat from his many trips into town. He sighed heavily, unpacked several large chunks of meat, and stripped down. It was no use even trying, the last roast he'd tried to cook had been burnt on the outside and raw in the middle and those two tastes were not a combination he wanted to try again. After changing back to his liger form he ate his fill, carefully carrying what was left to the bowl he'd placed the scrapings in for Jewels. He knew she'd probably be asleep until morning but the wonders of being a wild cat would let her stomach just about anything. He then dug a deep hole in the ground and changed back.

Lining the hole with straw, Thursday placed the remaining wrapped meat into it and covered it back up. Doing so would keep it fresher for a few days, although he could eat anything at any stage of decomposition he preferred the taste of fresh meat. As he laid down to sleep for the night, he began to think of his journey and his goal. He felt it was his duty to serve something, to be part of something bigger than himself. In the next couple of days he'd arrive at training for the dragon fleet and he wasn't sure if he was excited, scared or nervous. Maybe some combination there of. No matter what, he knew he needed to serve a grander purpose, it was the only explanation that he could think of that had allowed him to survive and thrive after being left to his own devices at such a young age. Maybe he'd be fighting battles, waging war, or he may spend his days training and staring at the sky waiting for something to happen. Either way he was going to be part of it or die trying.

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Accepted with Blending! Welcome!


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