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Name: Commander Sabine Hathgar

Rank: Commander - Senior Ranking Officer at Dothgar Training Facility - Dragon Fleet Division

Age: 36

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hair Color: Sandy blond hair

Physical Description: She stands about 5'7" and sports a lanky build. She is well built but not obviously so. She often keeps her hair in a long braid and her dragon bond tattoo snakes up her spine.

Personality: Sabine is a woman of limited patience, however she is fair in most of her dealings. Often she comes across as firm and perhaps not all that concerned about the personal feelings of her people. Still she is loyal to them and cares greatly for those in her care, humans and dragons alike.

Skills: Sabine is a natural dragon rider. Her connection with Rona, her dragon, is a picture of elegance in the air, if not on the ground. She is also a fine cook and a budding botanist.

Abilities/Powers: Dragon sight (the ability to switch over to seeing farther and in more detail than a normal human, often with infrared abilities. She can either enhance her own sight or see though Rona's eyes.

Faults and Weaknesses:
Sabine is currently unable to swim. In addition she can be rather sarcastic and enjoys getting into a good banter but rarely is in a situation where she can indulge herself. She has a weakness for alcohol but rarely drinks in groups. She is horrible at taking instruction.

Items: *Optional* (What is your character carrying? Staff, sack, ect)

Pets: Reaper - Pepper colored male Irish Wolfhound. She also owns a female black Andalusian named Vesper

Dragon: Rona is a red dragon with black highlights. She is generally level headed but is prone to wanting to enjoy life. While in the air, Rona and Sabine are one, on the ground, they have their own preferences.

Other Information:

History: *Optional*

Sample Post: (At least two paragraphs or more. Can be copied/pasted from another rp. Please do this with every character.

Her eyes followed the merchants as they passed in front of the road along the cross-section of the city. Rothbane was a thriving metropolis, the capital of Gredon and home of Her Majesty the Queen. Sabine couldn't wait to go home. With a nudge, Vesper dutifully walked forward as they wove their way through the crowd once more. Some stared up at her and her women in awe, others turned away in disgust. The dragon fleet was not a new idea, but many still opposed it.

Leading the troop of new recruits and second years alike, Sabine's heart jumped a little as she saw the gates ahead. They were almost out of this mess. She felt Rona flying above them and felt a tinge of envy. It was so clear up there, so empty. Rona snorted in her head. 'You think the smell is bad down all concentrates up here. I can't smell a thing noodlehead.' Sabine rolled her eyes, typical Rona.

As they passed the gates, the plains spread out before them, the cliffs in the distance not even yet visible. It would be nearly a weeks ride at this pace to get there, but the journey had always been a good proving ground to the new recruits. Those who couldn't make it could always turn back. Who knows, maybe they'd be a baker or something simple like that. Turning Vesper in a circle, Sabine nodded to Rachel to circle up the troops, it'd be a long ride and there were some simple rules that everyone would need to understand if they were going to make it to the cliffs alive.


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