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Royal Dragon Fleet Orientation Empty Royal Dragon Fleet Orientation

Post by Wisp on Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:56 pm

Don’t be a heroine.
You may think that serving in her majesty’s dragon fleet will be glorious. Exciting. Perhaps even the place for heroics. Think again. You are part of a machine. Nothing more, nothing less. You are not special, you can be replaced. Your life and that of your future dragon belong to the queen. You are a tool. We.. are a tool.
Like all young recruits, your eyes are dreamy, your heads full of tales of King Troy and Queen Anij, their loyal knights and the dragons that carried them. You think that you’ll be like Jocelyn and Jason. Whimsical heroes of old. Think again. The only things that will bring you honor in this unit is hard work and dedication to the rules and traditions set down by those who have gone before.
While we are not currently at war, we train as though we were. An enemy may arise at any moment and we must remain ever vigilant. Some of you might have noticed there is ship in our cove. The HMS Raven is a scouting ship, the fastest of her class and a worthy vessel. For a ship. Her job is to watch the waves. Ours is to watch the skies.
You will be trained over the next few months to recognize situations as they occur and take appropriate action. Train yourselves to follow protocol in all situations. You are not paid to think, you are paid to serve. Serve well.


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