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Post by Shepherdess on Mon Apr 06, 2015 12:46 am

Name: Isabel Nighthawk ‘The Huntress’

Rank: none


Gender: Female

Race: Elf/Human

Hair color: Auburn Flame

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 120

Eye color:
Topaz Blue

Physical Description:

Her hair is thick and wavy, if she wears it down. Thick layers, which curl ontop to create a thick full look. Isabel wears two feathers in her hair, one on each side. Sometimes she’ll braid it or put in a low ponytail. Her body is of an hourglass figure, though lean and muscular. Her nimbleness through walking over tough ground shows, and the items she carries depending on the season can weigh her down. Isabel’s face is slightly narrow and she has slightly pointed ears due to her elven heritage. Some freckles reside on her cheeks due to her sun kissed skin. Isabel has some scars on her but nothing very noticeable to her facial features.

She wears a buckskin coat and leggings, with tall black half-chaps for riding, during the colder months. During the warmer months she wears lighter simpler clothing. Leggings, with a vest and cotton shirt. Her bow is carried with her everywhere, so if she’s not wearing her pack, she’s wearing her quiver.

When she’s not taken a bath, or just made a kill. Isabel’s clothes and boots could have blood on them. Along with your typical dirt, she wasn’t without a normal bath when it’s available. However she’ll avoid deeper water.


Isabel doesn’t directly trust someone right away, due to nearly drowning by someone she once trusted. She is friendly but it takes a bit of an effort in order to earn her trust. Kind gestures, and a little persuasion can usually lure her out of her shell she’s created for herself. Nothing annoys her more than drunks, or the smell of alcohol. It drives her away even if the person drank a small amount.

The half-elf is a friendly person if you can get on her good side, and earn her loyalty. Otherwise she just may leave you out in the woods to fend for yourself if you don’t have the skills. She can be a clingy person if she likes someone, being alone all the time Isabel wouldn’t know when the next time she would meet someone again.

Her mannerisms are enough to where she can be civil, but if she were to enter into royalty she wouldn’t know what to do with herself. Crowds make her feel uncomfortable, Isabel can tolerate them but just prefers to avoid the attention unless she’s selling her furs.


Faults and Weaknesses:
Aquaphobia (fear of deep water), close range combat.

Quiver full of arrows
Back pack
Set of clothes on back

Pets: none

Dragon: None

Other Information: Usually hangs around the enchanted forest, where she calls home. Has seen some strange things happen in the forest, likes to reside in local towns during the winter months.


Isabel’s mother had died at the age of ten. Her mother’s close friend Tikana, had taught her the trade to become a hunter. The man was a close friend to Isabel teaching her until she was twenty. However one day an accident, one of Tikana’s friends had tried to drown her while he was drunk. Making Isabel’s trust in people hard to deal with, and her trust in Tikana easier. Living in the enchanted forest Tikana taught Isabel the ways of the forest, and when to go indoors.

Her childhood was a happy childhood, living with Tikana’s family. His family he has a wife and daughter. Letting Isabel grow up with a good family, which taught her how to survive. The half-elf was happy until she left, gaining experience of her own. Most recently accidently angering a human man. Gideon, a ruthless mercenary that will torture her if she even comes close to her. Which is where our story begins….

Sample post:

Damn it the red haired huntress thought bitterly, resting against a thick trunk of a tree. The branches loomed overhead a few hundred feet, it wasn’t one to easily climb up. Her horse and wagon were resting at a nearby farm house. The owners were paid for taking care of her horse and keeping an eye on her wagon. Gideon and his accomplices had found her once again. They’d fired the arrows and made sure to hit their target….her. It had gotten worse, soon she wouldn’t be able to spend time in the forest anymore unless they were taken care of. Isabel's clothes were filthy several bloodstains covered her, with patches of torn fabric to accommodate them. She could use the wand to mend her wounds, but somehow she was never able to use it at the right moments, her state of mind right now was just near panic.

An arrow marked its target earlier she’d pulled it out of her bicep. While she was pausing for breath, it seeped blood, she did her best to tie a cloth around the area tightly, until she could calm down enough. Holding her bow and quiver, shakily. Her pack against her back, light and supplies near gone from running. Isabel’s brow was covered in sweat, red hair drenched from it. The sunshine didn't help but clouds were thickening above. Unstrapping the canteen and taking another drink, she’d need more water too. Picking some branches out of her red hair. Lifting her head to try to listen and to quiet her breathing. The rustling of many footsteps passing through the underbrush of the forest floor, quietly barking orders.

Backing away from the tree, scooting around the trunk to the other side. Smacking her forehead with her hand in frustration. The nearest road was close by. Hearing another order, she tensed in fear, backing up, after she lowered her hand. no no no no no! I can’t be captured! Isabel thought to herself. The hunter wasn’t doing a very good job this season, he’d been riled up by certain events between them. Now she was the target, Gideon blamed her for his misfortunes, in which had happened. Which were true in a way, an arrow fired behind her, landing beside the half-elf. The road was north, a few hundred feet. Isabel thought she could make it in time, before she was too tired and gave up. Glancing around from the tree, another arrow fired past her, and a shout after it. Taken aback she pushed herself forward, with what energy she had left and made a run towards the road.

Dodging several arrows, bushes and other small obstacles. Another arrow pierced her thigh suddenly, leaning her off to the side, it also slowed her down a great deal. The force behind the shock of the impact, made her trip over a log, sending her rolling down a short steep hill. Yelling in surprise, as she impacted the ground scraping her knee, and elbow. This made for an awkward situation, not unlike being a deer herself. Scratches just covered her, she sat there winded, the road was right there, just on the other side of the bushes. However they were just scratches, those weren't as bad as the arrow wound. She almost made it, getting on her belly she crawled the rest of the way as quickly as she could even if her wounds slowed her down. Without the bow and quiver getting in the way. Panting, and wincing at her new leg wound, the huntress reached a hand towards the flattened surface of the dusty road. Bushes surrounded her, and all she could do was get at least half of her body out of the brush. Lying there with her head down, and an arm extended. Her wounded arm was close to her.

Red hair braided but just in a mess, sweaty with small branches, and leaves in her hair. Lifting her head and looking behind The Huntress could hear them searching for her. Laying on the ground, her bow and quiver off to the side of her, she'd set it down so her body could rest. The half-elf had run several miles in flight, with short stops in between, they had kept up with her easily, as if she were the prey. Isabel might as well have been dead……putting her head back down to rest, she breathed shakily, with an outreached hand towards the road. It was a wonder if anyone would find her….

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Isabel Nighthawke Empty Re: Isabel Nighthawke

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Accepted with skills and items! Welcome!


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