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Post by Fay Feirings on Tue Sep 30, 2014 5:13 am

My Name Is Tanya Snow

I'm the Lieutenant Commander of the Dragon Fleet

I'm 33 years old

I find myself lucky to be Female

I was born a Dark Elf

My hair is so Black it shimmers blue in the light

My appearance is not something I focus on too much. I'd say I'm about five foot six. I'd been told as a teen my beauty was inhuman, which is accurate but not something I cared about. When I came of age to follow my calling my clan marked me with four long scars on my right cheek, to take away from my beauty. My skin is dark and my eyes are the color of deep winter, flecks of blue in a violet background. I'm fairly average in build, though years of training have built my muscles, my curves muted by them. I typically wear my hair back in a tight pony tail, though some times I put it in braids when I'm flying to keep it from tangling. At bonding a tattoo appeared, pale as snow, on my left arm, traveling from my wrist to my shoulder, it is in the shape of a dragon, swirls of white gracing either side.

I've been told that my personality is cold. It's not true, I have feelings, emotions, of a sort. Being raised in my clan meant learning to control my emotions, not to show them for any reason. Some habits die hard I guess, by the time I came of age to join the fleet it wasn't even a war anymore to show my emotions or not, after all how could I show something I didn't acknowledge. I still feel though, the distance I've had from my clan making me relax a bit and show some emotion, happiness when my dragon first hatched, pride when the bonding took, loyalty to the fleet and my fellow riders. Now the only time I let my emotions run free is when I'm wielding my powers, my emotions super charging them.  

I have a particular set of Skills. Unarmed combat is among them, as is the use of most blades. I've trained for years in the fleet to increase my knowledge of bladed weapons.

My Powers have grown in the 8 years that I've been in the dragon fleet. At first it started out with things frosting over when I touched them, a glass of water, my bed, my uniform. I'd been told by all my superiors that when you bonded with your dragon powers would emerge and that our next part of training would consist of learning to work with our dragon and control our powers. Now I can draw moisture out of the air and surrounding bodies of water to form ice in any shape. I can make it snow or make it stop if it's blocking my view. I can freeze anything with moisture in it, from a glass of water to a living body, if necessary. Emotions super charge them, giving me greater range and more control, though my normal range without them is only a few hundred yards with emotions it's almost a quarter of a mile, and while without them I can form a lump of ice in a rough shape, with them I can shape things into recognizable structures with details down to the breadth of a hair. I think it's because I have to care about what I'm making and let it spill into my workings for it to truly become what I want it to be.

My weaknesses are obvious from the moment you speak to me. I don't understand sarcasm, never have, because deception of any kind is not something I'm capable of, something one of my classmates, even after all theses years, has never let me forget, though she does explain her sarcasm to me, I've been told she does that sarcastically so who knows. I'm also rather unskilled at any kind of ranged weapon, I dislike moving parts in my weapons. With my powers also came the side effects, I don't get cold, but I also can never get warm, making certain relations difficult at best and a complete nightmare at worst, as such I tend to avoid them all together.

Of items I carry few, a sword always at my hip and the necessary items given to us for our uniform.  

My pet, if you can call her that, is a white Siberian Tiger. I named her Crystal.  

My dragon, Solstice, is the epitome of winter beauty. Pure white except for the underside of her wings, those were almost opalescent, splashes of deep green and violet playing on an ice blue background. Her eyes look like a crack in a glacier, pitch black pupils surrounded by a deep blue and fading to white.

My history is nothing special. My clan raised me as all young, winter court elves are raised, with their own kind of love. We're not a very emotional people, though many take that to mean they have to be malicious. It's not the case but it is a possible side effect of being raised like that. Pride and love are two of the most dangerous emotions out there because they are so strong and the first for children to learn to control. Next comes happiness and sadness as these are most likely to cause outbursts that would be considered unacceptable, and finally the little ones, envy, greed, and such that are annoying to deal with.

Once I came of age I was sent as an ambassador of sorts for the winter court to join the fleet and hopefully encourage better relations with mankind. My clan, of course, did not tell the humans this and they seemed surprised when I showed up as such but they welcomed me to the fleet anyway and I found myself here. For the first time in my life I felt welcome somewhere and it made me extremely uncomfortable. Humans showed their emotions so often and so vibrantly many people were put off when I tried to talk to them, I seemed cold and distant. Eventually they warmed up to me but it took time before they realized I was neither of those things.

My clan disowned me after a few years because I had become too much like the humans, and began preparing another to be an ambassador, this time with the human courts, and taking note to train them to handle being around humans and their volatile emotions. I wasn't upset, that would not be the dark elf way, and I even understood their reasoning, it was only logical, and secretly I was happy, I no longer had an obligation to my clan and I could devote myself entirely to something I truly believed in, the fleet.

Sample Post
I'd been with the fleet for five years when I finally decided it was time for some companionship. I didn't mean male companionship either, just something to be with me when I could not be with Solstice. I wanted something beautiful, if there is a weakness all dark elves have it's a taste for beautiful things. I was about to take leave, something we are allowed once a year, and decided that morning that I would get myself a pet.

I walked out to Solstice dressed in my flying leathers and we made our way to the closest town. I never went far for leave, I had no family to go home to and, quite frankly, I only took it as an excuse to ride the wind and not have to report to anyone at the end of the day, simply take to the sky whenever the inclination struck. We took the long way to town, the traveling merchants wouldn't be there until the next day and there was absolutely no reason to get there any sooner than necessary.

A pet you say? Solstice asked as we wound around clouds. I always reveled in flight, I felt like I could let myself go, open myself up completely because nothing was hidden from Solstice anyway. Though I still could not open myself up to emotions when I was flying in formation, unless I had a need to use my powers, so our leave had become a place where I could abandon my teachings, if only for a little bit, and bask in the glow of Solstice's emotions, making them my own for a time.

Solstice had not been taught the ways of the dark elf, had not been forced to feel nothing while growing up, and during our bonding I realized that I could not teach her those ways, it would stifle her, and her beauty came from her abandon. She and I were in fact opposites, where I found myself unable to acknowledge feelings, she felt them and embraced them. We'd been together for almost four years now and though we were opposites in this regard we were a team, and nothing could tear us apart. So where I found it difficult to embrace my own feelings I embraced hers instead. It would take me another three years to allow myself to openly show my own emotions to others.

I nodded, feeling her excitement for me in place of my own. I'm not sure yet what I want, something small perhaps, delicate. A cat of some kind maybe. As the village came into view we descended in slow circles to a near by field. The village had sprung up near the training grounds and they were used to the presence of the fleet, but it was considered polite to not land in the village, though the streets were wider and there were places that catered to them specifically, offering claw polishing and scale parasite removal.

Solstice decided to stay in the field and bathe herself in the afternoon sun, I went into town and got myself a room at the inn. I checked in with Solstice and found the dragon snoozing happily. I did some shopping, deciding it was probably time to get some civilian clothes so I didn't have to wear my uniforms everywhere. I purchased a light sundress, an under-bust, and a chemise. I listened to gossip of the coming merchants, something that happened merely once a year as they passed through the area to the bigger towns towns and cities, and was satisfied to hear that they'd sent word of a large shipment of all kinds of animals from far off lands.

Solstice joined me in the village as the sun sank beneath the horizon and availed herself of several of the services aimed at her kind, deciding to get her nails polished and sharpened, her scales checked for mites, though luckily they did not find any, and her wing membranes scrubbed and massaged, a luxury that was so pleasing to her it trickled through our connection and I found myself unable to fight the  smile that spread across my face. The inn in the village had a large barn for the dragons to enjoy, Solstice deciding to take a stall toward the front and stretching out in the soft hay. Have you decided what you're getting yet? She asked as she lazily admired her freshly polished claws.

I hadn't given that particular question much thought since we'd arrived at the village. I'm not sure what they're going to have, it will depend heavily on their available product. Though the villagers say they're coming from a far off land so perhaps they'll have something exotic and unusual that catches my interest, like a hawk or something. I leaned back against her, feeling her inner heat but not enjoying it, the curse that came with my gifts. I felt her shiver slightly but she didn't move away, I knew I probably felt cold to the touch but she never complained.

Before long Solstice was breathing in a deep rhythmic pattern and I left her to sleep, while we both loved flying she still needed to rest after being in the air for so long. I went to the inn and got some stew, taking it up to my room so I didn't have to eat around strangers. After I finished I tried on my new clothes, finding that they fit well and weren't too revealing. I took the under-bust and sundress off, leaving the chemise on, and climbed into bed. It took a bit to fall asleep but once I found Solstice's rhythm I clung to it and soon drifted off.

The sun rose over the trees and I found myself looking forward to the day. Solstice was excited and I found myself letting those emotions in, embracing them despite my surroundings, so that I could enjoy the small adventure I was about to have. The merchants had arrived during the night and were just finishing set up as I made my way into the traveling bazaar, my new sundress flowing softly around me, the feeling completely unfamiliar and yet comfortable.

The pet merchant was at the end, farthest away from the village, so that his animals wouldn't wake the inhabitants. The moment I saw him I started walking a bit faster, Solstice's eagerness coming to me and coloring my own actions slightly. The moment I got to his stall I was overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of the animals he had. He smiled at me and asked what I was looking for. I smiled back, not wanting to offend him and feeling my dragon's emotions as if they were my own making it easier to do so. I don't know I took a deep breath and looked around me. That's when I saw her, the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. She was just a baby, her blue eyes too big for her little face.

I walked over to the striped creature, she was bigger than I was planning for but she was perfect. I'll take her. The man smiled widely at me, he was more than happy to sell her to me, never mentioning how much bigger she would get, I paid the man, suddenly glad that I'd saved all my wages since I joined the fleet as this purchase made a hefty dent in that savings, and lifted the little beast into my arms.

I carried her back to the field that Solstice and I had landed in, and set her down, holding onto the silk lead that the man had slipped around her neck and handed to me. Solstice slowly approached the little white puff ball. What is she? She sniffed it and the little creature sniffed back then playfully batted at her nose, claws retracted so as not to hurt the dragon. The man called her a Siberian Tiger, I've never heard about them but I saw her and knew she was what I wanted Solstice snorted and nudged the small creature. She's adorable, what are you going to call her? I tilted my head. Crystal.

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Accepted with powers, pet, and dragon!


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