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Post by Fay Feirings on Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:46 am

Name: Drucilla Ricci Aka Dru

Rank: 2nd Year

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Hair Colour: Rich brown with red tones in the light.

Physical Description: Tall and lanky, Dru was about 5'11' and all long limbs and wiry muscle. She wasn't gorgeous but wasn't ugly either, her fine boned face was simply pretty with light brown eyes that were almost always smiling. Her figure was almost boyish, though she still had curves they were muted.  

Personality: Very outgoing and outspoken, there weren't many people that she didn't like and tried to befriend everyone she met. She was the kind of girl who had a smile for everyone and remembered the name of anyone she talked to. She also was the kind of girl who had a bit of a temper, when she was angry you knew it, people ten miles away knew it, but it quickly dissipated. The time she'd spent in training had diminished this some, giving her better control of her anger, and more training would help her calm more.  

Skills: She was very skilled at most martial arts, her long limbs giving her great reach, leverage, and grace in spades. She was also quite skilled at riding horses, having practically grown up in a saddle of one kind or another.

Fire Walking: Capable of walking through fire without injury (may or may not be safe from a dragon's breath)
Magic Lasso: A lasso that can fit around anything and not loosen unless she commands it to.
Fire-mancy: Ability to control fire(may or may not include dragon's breath)
Admin's Choice: anything the admin thinks would be super awesome for Dru to have because quite frankly I can't think of anything else...

Faults and Weaknesses:
Dru has bad night vision. She can see just fine during the day, but at night, lights emit a starburst around them that causes things around them to disappear.

She also has a bit of a gambling problem. Though she does know how to budget her wages and makes enough for anything she needs, she's also included in her budget a large gambling wage. Sometimes it pays off, sometimes it doesn't

Dru has terrible hand writing. She can read it but most people take one look at it and ask her to interpret. At the best of times she can make it legible enough for most people to read but it still looks like a kindergartener wrote it.

Items: Her weapon of choice is a quarter-staff for close combat. Long range she prefers cross-bows. She keeps both on her person. She also keeps a bodabag full of water, several packs of jerky, and some hard ration biscuits for eating if she ever needed them.

Pets: A blue roan Gypsy Vanner horse named Juniper she got from her parents for completing her first year at training.  

Dragon: Natural hues, greens, browns, yellows. Name will be Sophia

Other Information: Drucilla has two older brothers, Marcus and Devon.

History: Drucilla grew up on a farm outside of the city. Her parents were horse breeders, many of the noble's horses came from her family's farm, as well as many of the work horses working throughout the city. It was a family business that passed to the eldest child. Women on her father's side of the family were expected to join the fleet and thus she'd followed in her family's footsteps. Other than that, she had a pretty normal childhood. She went to school, enjoyed summers riding on the family horses and basically being a kid.
Sample Post: Dru sat atop her new horse, a beast that she was still getting used to but couldn't have been more happy to have. The first year of training had been difficult, being able to meet her parents in the city while the second years waited for new recruits to be collect was amazing as well, she could tell her father had been so proud of her. The horse pricked her ears and Dru looked in that direction. A deer walked into the clearing that she had been using to get used to the horse's gait. Dru smiled, patted the horse on the neck, and turned the horse in the opposite direction of the deer. It was time for her to meet up with the group going back to the cliffs, leaving the deer to graze in peace.

The woman was quick with a smile for everyone she passed, dismounting when she got to the city gates so that she wasn't above everyone else. She still had a few supplies to pick up and she quickly made her way to the butcher, stopping to chat with many people she recognized from her childhood. She picked up some more of her favorite elk jerky, thanking the butcher and complimenting him on his beautiful new wife, saying she was sorry to have missed the wedding but knew it must have been wonderful.

Dru's next stop was the grocer where she picked up some carrots for Juniper, some hard tack for herself and a bouquet of dried flowers to braid into Juniper's hair. She knew it would look frivolous but her family was superstitious and the flowers she'd chosen were for protection from the magic of the forest, the dry nature of the flowers would allow them to stay for the full week. Maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn't but it couldn't hurt.

Placing her purchases into her new saddle bags, Dru led the horse to the group of recruits and second years that was forming on their way to the city gates, not necessarily looking forward to the week's journey ahead but definitely looking forward to what would happen afterward.

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Post by Wisp on Mon Aug 18, 2014 4:52 am

Accepted with fire-mancy, can control dragon fire to an extent but not as much as other fire. Skills to grow with practice.

Dragon to be given at bonding ceremony.


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