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Post by chasingjustice on Sun Aug 17, 2014 6:48 pm

Name: Rebecca Wohlleben. Many call her Becca.

Rank: New Recruit

Age: 21

Gender:  Female

Race: Wood Nymph

Hair Colour: Medium to long. Natural Waive but usually braided. Her hair color depends on her surroundings. It ranges to brown in the woods to dirty blonde in the sun

Physical Description: Heidi is short and slender. Standing at 5'2" and 120lbs. She has traditional German porcelain skin. Brown eyes. She is by no means strong but her wit and her agility make up for it. She lives by work smarter not harder.

Personality: Heidi is extremely shy. She doesn't speak with others often, when she does she is soft spoken. She prefers to remain unnoticed and listen. It tends to teach her a lot about a person. Thus making her a good judge of character. Under pressure she tends to get confused and frustrated. Because she is mentally strong she always pulls through, learning more and more about herself. She doesn't open up to many, if any. She keeps her secrets to herself.

Skills: As a wood Nymph she has the ability to sooth animals. She is very agile on her feet and often times goes unnoticed. She has a very vast knowledge of plants, edible to healing. Don't cross her, she also understands the danger that some plants hold. She is also incredibly skilled at wood carving and whittling. 

Ability to sooth animals and have basic understanding on what they are saying/mean

Faults and Weaknesses:
physical weakness: She is not strong by any means. She also has a difficult time with extreme sunlight being so fair skinned
one mental weakness: She is very concerned about her self image, what others think of her. She's always afraid people are talking behind her back. Thus she distances herself and plays "fly on the wall" 
particularly unskilled at: Simming, that's a water nymphs job. She also tends to mix in german words as she speaks. More so when she gets nervous. 

Items: Nothing

Pets: A Violet Crowned Wood Nymph hummingbird

Dragon: White as snow, but like snow has the ability to somewhat reflect colors. Her name: Edelweise. Edel for short.

Other Information:

History: *Optional*

Sample Post: Heidi darted from tree to tree. Each limb bending only slightly under foot. Her feet covered in soft rabbit hide. She was a skilled hunter, but would only do so when absolutely necessary. Violet hummed around her head, hovering back and forth trying to figure out what she was looking at. 

Heidi's eyes were fixated on the large dragons sun bathing in the rocky outcrop across the river. One yawned, exposing its large teeth and forked tongue. What magnificent creatures. She wanted nothing more than to be close to them. Run her fingers along their scales. The only way this was possible was to join the Dragon League of Dothgar. It was the last thing she wanted to do. It meant answering to leadership. It meant giving up her freedom. It meant being around people. She shivered at the thought.


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Post by Wisp on Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:54 am

Accepted with animal soothing and communication ability. Dragon upon bonding ceremony.


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