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Post by chasingjustice on Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:10 am

Name: Justin Baefire

Rank: Commander in Chief of the Krotan Nation's notorious dragon fleet. A vast, war based, male dominated kingdom.

Age: 37

Gender: Male

Race: Justin is what is known to most as a mixed blood. A mutt. Often so treated, however few know the truth to what flows through his veins. The blood of the lost but not forgotten family.
His father and grandfather both have elf flowing through their veins. Making him agile. But enough human rests in him that he has lost the thin build. His ears have an unnoticed point at the tip. His skill with the bow has not been forgotten however.

Hair Colour: Short and brown. Growing up in the war based dragon fleet he has always kept it very short on the sides with a little length on top.

Physical Description: Justin stands tall at 6'3. Weighs in at 195lbs with less than 10% body fat. To ride their mighty dragons the royal Krotan fleet worked out daily. Saddles and armor were not light weight. His hands face is slender graced with a prominent graceful jaw line. Hazel eyes. His thick neck rests on broad shoulders. On the back of his shoulder he holds the Krotan army rearing Dragon tattoo simply black. His back scarred from Chains after bing held captive

Personality: Justin holds himself well. However, he holds the temper of his father. Not easily angered, but don't cross him, his dragon, or his soldiers. He does not understand family dynamics as he was taken as a young child and raised in the royal fleet. He has a difficult time showing emotion and relieves it by working out. A sensitive side has not been seen.

Skills: Dragon riding and training ranks the highest on Justin's resume. However he was schooled in war strategy as well.

1. ability to touch an item and see its past. He has not yet completely figured out how to control this. When he is tired or vulnerable it is most prominent. The power only works on items,not on humans or animals
2. Ability to know when people are lying
3. Ability to speak to dragons

Faults and Weaknesses:
Physical weakness.....his left knee has lost its cartlidge. He hides it as much as he can however stormy or cold days are very painful to him
Mental weakness.....women. He has a difficult time resisting them. Loyal to the one he loves, but he has yet to find that. Thus a natural flirt.
Justin can not hold a turn or play a musical instrument to save his life. Not that he doesn't try.....oh does he try. Much to the amusement of others.

Items: his grandfathers sword. The hilt holds the image of his lovely grandmother beside her stealthy slender dragon with the mountains in the background. Those lucky enough to see it will quickly recognize the scenery.

Pets: loyal black sable German Shepherd with golden eyes. Named Hanzo

Dragon: Samba. A large powerful dragon. Largest of his species. Growing for hundreds of years. Old wise and stubborn. He doesn't take kindly to immature cocky dragons. No one knows his true age. Not even Justin. He came to Justin on his 16th birthday. The royal fleet had no choice but to make Justin a dragon rider as no one else could tame the mighty beast. He was stronger and far more fierce than any dragon in the kingdom. A skilled flyer and fire breather.
Samba is black in color. Beneath his scales there is a glowing ember sensation most prominent when he is angry or about to breath a smoldering flame. His wing span and body structure is massive and strong. Dwarfing most dragons. Yet sometimes that is also his fault. Unable to hide well.

Other Information:

History: Justin's history is not known. Not even to him. As a young child he was taken from his home. He was found by a farmer. Merely three years old he was found hiding under a large root. The farmer took him in as his own. Growing up feeding hogs, planting fields, and reaping the crop. At the age of 14 he was taken but the Krotan army to serve as a foot soldier. Dragon fodder to apposing kingdoms. He did everything he could to get back to his adoptive father. She he did he found the home burnt to the ground and his father murdered. The royals guards...not far from the farm returned and captured him. He was broken by them. His soul and heart no longer with him he gave into being the stable boy. Mucking stalls and cleaning armor. Occasionally making swords. Until his 16 birthday....then everything changed.

Sample Post:
The air was thick and humid. Trapping the musky smell of dragon feces. It had lingered in his nostrils for two full years. Certainly it felt longer than that. Time no longer mattered. It seldomly does when everything you know and love is taken from you. Everything that existed now did not matter to Justin. Why should it? His gloved hands tightly gripped the hilt of the only thing that was left of his childhood the one thing he had been able to hold onto. None of it made sense to him. He had studied it endlessly. A slender graceful woman. Beautiful in her young age. Leather pants tight against her skin, her hour glass figure graced by a dark leather corset tied up with handcrafted leather. Beside her stood a fierce but graceful dragon. Light in color but smooth. Before he was able to admire the detail of the mountain scape he heard a loud rapping at the door.
"Boy....boy open the door."
With a heavy sigh he placed the sword back into its sheath. He stood and made his way to the door. "Yes, commander?" He replied as he opened the door.
"The commander and chief wishes to see you!"
"I mucked his dragons stall already!" He growled in return.
"Watch the way you speak to me, boy" was the commanders hasty reply. With it came a hard lash across the chest. It stung, like it always did. Justin refused to provide the commander any gratification and did not flinch. As the commander turned he rubbed his chest to relieve the sting. He followed him. Thoughts of stabbing him in the chest flashed through his 16 year old mind....until he realized where he was. The open pasture training ground. Across the pasture stolen the entire Krotan dragon riding fleet. From trainees to the commander and chief. Oddly enough that wasn't what struck him as odd, it was the massive black dragon that was rearing up at them and snapping its massive jaws at them. His scales burnt to a glowing orange as his neck began to swell. A rumbling noise echoed across the field.
"Nooooooo!" Justin was shocked at the sound of his own voice. Why should he care if the dragon melted the skin off all their faces.
The rumbling subsided and the scales faded back to a black marble color. The gaze of the fierce creature fixed on Justin. Justin froze in fear. The dragon planted all four feet on the ground and would not release his gaze. This is when everything changed


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Justin Baefire Empty Re: Justin Baefire

Post by Wisp on Thu Aug 14, 2014 3:29 am

Accepted with dragon and the ability to touch an item and see its past.



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